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About Us
About Us

Damai Technology and DynaSky Telecom are sister companies under the Dr. Peng Telecom and Media Group umbrella.

Founded in 1996, DynaSky is a U.S. based integrated telecommunications service provider, commanding the leading market position in the Chinese American community. Committed to providing the latest communication technology with transparent billing, our products have been the preferred merchandise to be sold by major supermarket chains, wireless stores, and distributors, throughout the years. More importantly, the DynaSky brand has been trusted by over million consumers. 

In 2015, DynaSky was acquired by Dr. Peng Group, and was strategically aligned with sister company, Damai Technology, with the mission to provide a full range of OTT Internet application services for Chinese Americans.

Damai Technology, established in 2013, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Peng Group. The company adheres to "tech inspires love" as the product development and operating philosophy, whilst riding on the Group's extensive broadband coverage, to provide users with a full range of "Smart Devices" and services. 

In October 2013, Damai set-top-box was launched, with thousands of content resources and applications, allowing fascinating user-experience, exceptional sound quality, and optimized entertainment applications.  In less than two years, Damai Box has won more than two million users in China.

Dr. Peng Telecom Media Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai A share stock code: 600804, hereinafter refers as “Dr. Peng”) is the largest private telecom operator, also China's fourth-largest telecommunications operator. It is the only non-state owned company that offers broadband internet access and application services as its core business. Its subsidiaries in China, include the Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Teletron Telecom Engineering Co., Ltd , and Beijing Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd..

Dr. Peng Telecom Media Group has been the pioneer, actively promoting "cloud, channel, device" integrated strategy, in redefining broadband Internet operations in China. Dr. Peng has built carrier-class data centers nationwide. As the industry trailblazer, the Group pushed the boundaries of innovation and became the first to offer affordable Gigabit broadband services in enhancing the "channel“, and invested in the development of OTT platform that embraces 4K ultra HD. In conjunction, Dr. Peng deployed a series of “Wi-Fi aware smart devices” in completing a unique OTT ecosystem, within the shorted time frame.  

With its comprehensive OTT platform, Dr. Peng is now providing the total operating solution and maintenance services to many overseas clients. Subsequently, Damai + DynaSky is Dr. Peng’s first milestone in building the global Chinese OTT ecosystem.