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DynaSky Damai FAQ - Damai Phone App Features


What features does Damai Phone App have?

  • Free application
  • Phonebook integration (with iPhone/iPod Touch, or Android)
  • Intuitive “+” Substitution: You can configure settings to enable “+” international access code. This app will automatically recognize the “+” in your contact phone number and substitute with 011 when dialing.
  • Free Calls: For Damai Phone App subscribers, all incoming calls are free. Also if your friends and family also have a Dynasky Home Phone or Damai Phone App account, then you can talk for free by calling their 588 number, for as long as you like.
  • Call History
  • Voicemail
  • Initiate Conference Call (Up to 10 parties)
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer

How do I initiate a conference call?

  1. Once the first call has been connected, tap on the "options" call options button and tap on "Add Call"
  2. Then type in the 2nd call destination number, or another 588 number , or select from contacts and tap on “+”
  3. Tap "Merge" to merge in the call.
  4. The three parties are now in conference.

Repeat the above steps to add more conferencing parties (up to 10 parties)

How to transfer a call?

  • During a call, tap on the "options" call options button and tap on "Transfer"
  • Then type in the 2nd call destination number, or another 588 number , or select from contacts
  • Tap "Transfer" transfer out button.
  • The call is now transferred.

Can I receive phone calls when the app is closed?

Yes, Damai phone app users can receive phone calls for free, worldwide, at their 588 number or at their personal Damai Phone app phone numbers, even when the app is closed.

How to listen to voicemails?

Simply tap on "Voicemail" check voicemail button to access your Damai Phone’s voicemail, then enter your voicemail retrieval password as prompted.

Does calling from Damai Phone App to other DynaSky Home Phone numbers consider as In-network Calling?

Calling other DynaSky Home Phone numbers (not 588 numbers), via Damai Phone App, is NOT considered in-network calls.

Can I dial 911 using Damai Phone App?

No. Damai phone app does not support calls to any emergency numbers or emergency service, like 911.

Can I receive calls on multiple devices at the same time?

No, incoming calls will only ring to the last registered device, or to your voicemail if active registration is not found on any device.

If you are switching between devices, please be reminded to exit the previously registered device, and then register the device where you’d like to receive calls, if it is not the last registrant with our network.

Can I make calls from different devices?

You may switch between devices to make calls, once the device is registered.

Where can I find my voicemail retrieval password?

Your default voicemail retrieval password is sent to you in the welcome email when you first sign up the service.

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