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DynaSky Home Phone FAQ - Installation and Device

Installation and Device

Do I need Internet service at home to use DynaSky Home Phone?

Yes. DynaSky Home Phone service connects your calls using Internet connection, not a traditional phone line. As long as you have Internet service at home, may it be cable, DSL, or fiber, you can use DynaSky Home Phone service.

What is DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box?

The DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box is a VoIP phone adaptor that connects your existing phone line to your high-speed Internet. After you signed up for DynaSky Home Phone service, you will receive a device package with the Box in it. Please follow the illustrations on the manual to set up and connect the Box, and then you will be able to enjoy the economical and convenient DynaSky Home Phone service.

How to install DynaSky Home Phone? Do I need professional installation?

Your DynaSky Home Phone is very easy to install, and there’s no need for professional installation. It only takes 3 minutes to complete the installation. For detail instruction please click here. You can also find the installation kit in your DynaSky packaging. Got more questions? You may reach our 24/7 customer service at 1-888-681-4588 for assistances.

Can I use the phone service immediately after I installed DynaSky Home Phone Box?

If you received your DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box by mail, you are able to use the phone service immediately after you installed the device correctly. If you got the device directly from DynaSky retail stores or authorized dealer stores, it may take up to 24 hours after installation for you to make or receive calls.

What is my DynaSky phone number?

After installation, please use your DynaSky Home Phone to call your mobile phone or other phone with caller ID feature. And then you can see your number from it.

If you applied to transfer your number, before the process is completed, this assigned number is your temporary phone number. After your number has been successfully transferred to DynaSky, your phone number will be the number you transferred, and the temporary number will cease to be effective.

What kind of telephone should I use for DynaSky Home Phone service?

The DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box works with all kinds of telephones, may it be existing cord or cordless phones.

Can I use multiple phones with DynaSky's service? How to install?

Yes. We recommend you to use cordless phones with multiple handsets throughout the whole house. Simply hook up the base set with DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box for all other sets to work.

You may also purchase a multiple phone jack, and hook up with the phone jack on DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box. You will have multiple phones from the same Box.

We DO NOT suggest you plug the DynaSky Home Phone Box directly to the wall jack on your own, because it requires advanced knowledge in electronic products. You will have to check and make sure the wall jack does not carry any PSTN voltage (you can find out by using a tester which can be purchased at Radio Shack). DynaSky is not responsible for any damages to device or network caused by errors during wall wiring.

What should I do if my DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box does not work?

DynaSky has a warranty on the phone Boxes based on your service contract. If for any reason your DynaSky Home Phone ATA Box fails to work, DynaSky may replace it at no cost. Please call our 24/7 customer support hotline 1-888-681-4588 to exchange the device.

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