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Travel with DynaSky

Moving or Traveling? Take DynaSky phone box with you worldwide. As long as you have internet access, plug and play. Make and receive calls on the same phone number, same rates!

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DynaSky Home Phone Service is Packed with Free Basic Features

Free Number Porting

Can I keep my existing phone number? DynaSky Home Phone will help you transfer your phone number, free of charge.

China Local Number 950

In addition to the U.S. local phone number, DynaSky could also assign you a virtual China local phone number with 950 prefix. This way, your family and friends in either U.S. or China could call your respective local phone number without paying for international long distance charges.

Choose Any Area Code

There is no geographic limitations when choosing phone numbers with DynaSky home phone service。You can select the area code from any city or state, at your own preference. Alternatively, you can select an area code where most of your family, friends, or business associates reside, so it will only cost them a local call to reach you.

DynaSky Caller ID

Caller ID is a free basic service for DynaSky Home Phone service. You will be able to screen unwanted calls, given that your phone is equipped with a screen display.


DyanSky Call Forwarding

Not home? You can preset your DynaSky Home Phone service to forward calls, all the calls, or not answered calls, to any phone number. This way, you’ll never miss an important call again.

DynaSky Call Waiting

Talk for as long as you like and not worry about an important call not able to get through. DynaSky call waiting is a free basic feature.

DynaSky 3-Way Calling

Call it party call or conference call, this feature is free with DynaSky Home Phone service. 3 parties at 3 different locations worldwide in 1 call.

DynaSky In-net Calling

If your friends and family are also DynaSky Home Phone service users, you can talk for free, wherever, whenever. It’s as easy as dialing each other’s unique DyanSky DD number.


DynaSky Home Phone service allows you to listen to your voicemail messages from any phone. You can even listen to them through your email from abroad.


With E911 service, when you dial 911, your telephone number and registered address are simultaneously sent to the local emergency center assigned to your location as a requirement. Physical location of your DynaSky Home Phone service needs to be updated timely to ensure proper emergency service support.

E911 Services are different from traditional 911 accesses, and are subject to certain limitations and outage factors. It is important that you read and understand the 911 section under Terms and Conditions, and inform all residents.


DynaSky Home Phone service supports fax machines like any landline. Once connect your fax machine to DynaSky phone box, send and receive faxes as usual. Usage are the same as phone calls, per minute rates may apply, depending on your subscribed DynaSky service plan.

Damai Phone App

As a complimentary service to your DynaSky Home Phone Service, Damai Phone allows you to make and receive calls on your iPhone or Android smartphone worldwide. Billing will vary depending on your subscribed DynaSky Damai service plan. Learn more about the Damai Phone features.

Damai Phone App

Download Damai Phone App free download on your iOS® and Android™ devices, and make and receive international calls from “worldwide”. Enjoy the free calls or the cheapest billing rates, depending on your DynaSky Damai subscription plans.

Damai phone also come with convenient features:

  • Initiate conference calls (up to 10 parties)
  • Free incoming calls
  • Voicemail shortcut, notification
  • Call history, call waiting, transfer calls to another phone number
  • Integrates with your device’s contact list, for easy dialing. It allows you to make cheap international calls wherever you are, without using your wireless airtime or roaming charges
  • In-app “?” help tips on how to make calls, initiate conference call or transfer calls

Damai Phone offers you international coverage, 90% savings on international roaming calls, when you’re traveling outside the U.S. with Wi-Fi access.

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